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After visiting with our doctors for your routine eye exam, our knowledgeable staff will assist you in choosing the best option in correcting your vision. Promenade Optometry and LASIK is commited to finding the most comfortable and effective lense to fit your eyes, prescription and unique style. 

Contact lenses are an excellent option for those who do not wish to wear glasses every day. They allow flexibility for those who are active, work in an enviornment where glasses may become a hazard, or simply do not like the look of frames. Contacts can treat a variety of vision imparities including farsightedness, nearsightness, or astigmatism. We also fit colored contacts, multi-focal contact lenses, and even new transition lenses that get darker in the sun! Change your lenses every day, bi-weekly, or monthly with brands like Acuvue, Biofinity, and Air Optix. In addition to your eye exam, contacts require a separate contact lense exam which includes a fitting and trial lenses. Our staff will show you how to remove and insert your contact lenses and teach you how to properly care for both your lenses and eyes. We are not happy until we are sure that you are comfortable and love your lenses. 

Contact Lenses

For Style and Comfort



Traditional eyewear is the most popular way to correct your vision. We have over 600 different frames to choose from. Trained Opticians are here to help create the perfect glasses to suit your needs. Today, there are many types of lenses to best fit your prescription:
  • single vision
  • multi-focal 
  • progressive 

You may also wish to life-proof and enhance your new spectacles by adding any of the following coatings: 

  • anti-reflective
  • polarized
  • scratch resistance
  • tint (blue, grey, mirrored, brown etc.)
  • transition (from clear to sunglasses reactive to lighting)

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On Site Technician

Glasses Finished Faster

 Our lab technician has over 34 years of experience and oversees every detail of your prescription lens, from cutting, to triple-checking your finished glasses. Our lab technician is highly trained and certified through a rigorous education process. This  ensures that our patients receive an impeccably made pair of glasses the first time.

Today, our on-site lab is part of our underlying commitment to customer satisfaction and industry innovation. We continue to develop new lens technology and cutting capabilities, so we can help you see with perfect clarity. 


As you wear your new glasses, nosepads slip, the sides widen, and accidents may bend the frame. Our opticians work closely with our technician to provide adjustments almost anytime we're open. Just bring your glasses in and we'll try our best to make them look and feel brand new!